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My name is Johannes Ernst. I’ve been working with technology for almost 20 years now, starting out in hardware … actually, if you count my teenage years soldering TTL chips together and disassembling my Z-80 computer’s OS, then it’s a bit longer. Then embedded systems for some automotive companies, software tools at tool vendors, object modeling in the OMG, but for many years gravitating towards the bleeding edge of how to empower people and groups to be more capable, more successful, with more personal tools that leverage the network.

This lead to some distributed collaboration software, P2P style, and venture capital; mobile, situationally aware software in healthcare; an innovative web graph database, and the wild idea of decentralized identity on the internet which evolved – should I say, detoured? – into OpenID.

More recently, I’ve been fascinated by the power of having instant access to, if you so desire, legions of powerful computers in the cloud, such as Amazon’s, and to use all this power for the benefit and empowerment of individuals. It seems we are moving from “a computer on every desk and in every home” to “a personal datacenter in 5 minutes”. So I’m a co-founder of the Personal Clouds Gathering and working on a new project called Cloudstore.

This site brings together several old blogs of mine, and will be my place on the web going forward. Feel free to get in touch! For more on my background, check my LinkedIn page.

Update: If you like to contact me privately, use this public gpg key to encrypt your message.

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