Making fun of the telemarketer

Phone rings, telemarketer is on. (We are on Do-Not-Call List.)

Me: “Catholic Dog Cemetary, can I help you?”.

Him: “Can I speak with the person in charge of the merchant account?”

Me: “Is your dog catholic?”

Him: “No, no, this is about your merchant account.”

Me: “That’s great, you can charge your dog. Just give me your credit card number. Would that be Visa or Mastercard?”

Him: “This is about your merchant account. I don’t understand why I need to give you my credit card number.”

Me: “That’s because I charge $10 for every 10 minutes I’m on the phone with you. So what’s your credit card number?”

Him: “I don’t want to give you my credit card number.”

At this point, I’m afraid I lost it because I was laughing too hard.

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