The Official Consulate Appointment Confirmation E-mail … too good not to post.

So you make an official appointment at the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany to get an official new passport. The official appointment system confirms it with this e-mail (all the formatting in the original):

--- German Foreign Office Scheduling System --- Subj.: Appointment in San Francisco Hello Johannes Ernst, You have booked an Appointment San Francisco on xx.xx.2015 at xx:xx. Please bring a printout of this Mail to your Appointment German Foreign Office Scheduling System


Please bring the filled in application form, one biometric passport picture as well as alle the relevant documents (orginals and copies thereof) to the interview.

Please keep in mind that uncomplete applications can not be accepted.

If my application had the same quality, I’m sure it’d be rejected. Given that I have to include a printout of this e-mail, maybe it still will!