I’m done with War On Anything

The older I get, the more I realize that I have no interest whatsoever to make war on anybody or anything. I don’t care for:

  • War on other countries, people or religions
  • War on drugs, poverty, and so many other things
  • War on competitors, etc. etc

Renaming the “War Room” at Uber to “Peace Room” got a lot of ridicule recently — admittedly it is a bit funny — but I’m inclined to agree with the principle. Can’t we just get along?

Those of us who like to make war and fight each other should go right ahead, but only with others who all like to make war and fight each other, too. So they will get what they want, with the nice side effect that after they are all done, there will be a whole lot less people who like to make war and fight each other. And the rest of us will be all better off.

How is that for a plan?