An angry future has broken with the past

future-detourIt can’t continue as it has.

Raw materials consumption. Pollution. CO2 emissions. Healthcare costs. Debt.

We have known this for years. But somehow, that different future always has been – well, in the future, only to be worried about in the abstract.

And then, all of a sudden, it is crystal clear that we are in a different future already than we thought we were.

Look at this video:

What does this look like?

To me, it looks like open ocean. An angry, open ocean. It could be angrier, that ocean, but even if you are an excellent swimmer, you do not want to try and survive in that ocean for long.

The trouble is, it wasn’t, until just a few days ago, not even a lake, as this photo comparison from CNN shows:

angry-lake-freeway-cnnThe above is the video of a freeway. A major, American east-west freeway connecting Houston and New Orleans. About 10 miles inland from the ocean. Covered by so much angry water that we can’t tell it from an angry ocean any more.

This is not normal. Freeways do not turn into angry oceans. Even if the waters eventually recede and the freeway reemerges.

Nature has had it. She is angry, and she tells us in no uncertain terms that she owns this planet, not us, and will take it back from us if we treat the planet as we have.

This is what the future of the planet looks like. What cannot continue, will eventually stop. Maybe it already has. There will be more cities drowning, freeways turning into oceans and other events the past would have considered impossible, but that are normal in the new future. We humans better adapt, starting immediately.