You can reach me through gmail, at first name dot last name.

If you can, please pgp-encrypt e-mail you send to me. Here’s my public key that goes with that e-mail address.

What’s that encryption business for?

We would never dream of sending important files in a see-through envelope in the mail. But anybody between you and the receiver of a typical e-mail can read it, and many of those parties are far less trustworthy than the post office. The same is true for instant messaging, and apparently even Skype calls and videos.

In light of recent events, and because it’s generally good practice, I’m adopting a “encrypt whenever possible” communications policy. Is it fail-safe? No. Does it make a huge difference? No. But it makes a small difference, and the more people do it, the bigger the difference. Central Europe has had the secrecy of letters principle for 300 years, why not keep it on-line?

So I’d like your cooperation. It’s good for you, too!

If you need help, here are some pointers:

  • If you are on the Mac: GPGTools tutorial.
  • If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird: Tutorial for all platforms.
  • If you are using Gmail: notice Gmail was explicitly designed so that Google could read all of your e-mail! So you need to get off Gmail, or use it as I do: ignore the web interface, and just use it as a glorified IMAP server. Google only gets to see the encrypted mail, and you decrypt it off-line.

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