How I automate
my pool pumps...

... with a Raspberry Pi and some open-source software

Johannes Ernst

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  • PHP (very simple)
  • wiringpi
  • Stores data in cron files :-)

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Operating system


  • Derivative of Arch Linux
  • Makes admin of web apps simple
  • Rolling release: x86_64, EC2,
    Docker, various ARM etc.

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Installation & Configuration

Problem: Keyboard? Monitor?

  1. Download and write UBOS for Raspberry Pi to SD Card
  2. Prepare USB stick as UBOS Staff
  3. Save WiFi info to UBOS Staff
  4. Save site template file to UBOS Staff
  5. Boot with SD card and UBOS Staff (first time)
  6. Done!


Cost: ~ $165
Labor/fun: ~ a week
  • Raspberry Pi (original) → replaced with Pi 2
  • WiFi coverage → moved dongle outside of metal box; upgraded home WiFi
  • It's a website: any device, no apps needed
  • I'm in control; I can extend as I like
  • No service contract or planned obsolescence
    ("Google, what happened to Revolv?")
  • Nobody spies on me!

"A Depressingly Rainy Day"

Credit: Kai Kreuzer,

The world needs (more) "Indie IoT"!

  • Do you want to live in an Amazon(-only) house?
  • Internet-of-(my)-things should put people in control of their things
  • ... not overlords in the clouds!

Projects to check out