Invited to World Economic Forum meeting in Amman

The World Economic Forum has invited me to their extraordinary annual meeting in June in Amman, Jordan. Coming so shortly after the recent events in the middle east, this meeting is being billed as "extraordinary" and "history-making" by organizers and world leaders alike.

In 2001, I became one of their " Technology Pioneers" in 2001. Most of the other Technology Pioneers whom I met over the years in various places are quite impressive people. I keep having regular teleconferences with a group of them on matters of common interest. The mission of the World Economic Forum — to improve the state of the world — is inspiring and challenging. As is meeting similarly minded people. I feel lucky to have met them.

Being invited to Amman is an honor. Colin Powell has been stating publicly how important he thinks this meeting is going to be, and even Pres. Bush referred to it in a recent speech. I expect substantial announcements coming out of this meeting about systemic change in the middle east, driven and/or supported by the international business community.