Epic Hikes

Browsing through my photo collection the other day, I noted a number of epic hikes over the years. Over time, I will post some of the pictures and share some stories:

August 2017: Cloud’s Rest (Yosemite/California). Day hike.
Epic because: at 9,930 ft (3,027 m), it overlooks all of Yosemite Valley and Half Dome. I had it on countless photographs, all of which telling: the view from there must be amazing! It was!
August 2016: Mount Whitney (California). Day hike.
Epic because: at 14,505 feet (4,421 m), it is the tallest mountain in North America outside Alaska. The hike is 22 mi (35 km) long round-trip, with an elevation change of 6,145 ft (1,873 m) up and then back down, in thin air, carrying lots of water. I started at 2am and was only back down at my tent past nightfall.
July 2016: Mount Dana (Yosemite/California). Day hike.
Epic because: at 13,061 ft (3,981 m), it is the second-tallest mountain in Yosemite sitting right on the ridge of the Sierra Nevada, with incredible views over Yosemite and Mono Lake.
June 2008: Hiking around the Geisslergruppe (Northern Italy/Südtirol). Day hike.
Epic because: it turned out to be much farther than hoped, with more difficult hiking in loose gravel over three mountain passes in one day. My family almost divorced me right on the mountain. Ever since, I cannot suggest “a little hike” without them having murder in their eyes.
Summer 1997 (?): Mount Dana (California). Day hike.
Epic because: see above. Also, I came down completely exhausted and with far too much sun for the day.
Summer 1996 (?): Half Dome (Yosemite/California). Day hike
Epic because: the 15 mi (24 km) round-trip hike with 4,800 ft (1,460 m) elevation gain sports, right at the end, the famous “cables” which you need to use to pull yourself up (and later, down), for 400 ft (120 m).

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