I Want … iPhoneTV

Take the iPhone, but replace the screen with a 40 inch HDTV screen and put it in your living room. What do you get?

  • a TV
  • a high-quality speakerphone bypassing the telcos
  • a live window to grandma (“HDTV videoconferencing in your living room”)
  • a stereo
  • a movie rental kiosk
  • a game console

Now, next time you are out shopping for a TV, which would you buy: an iPhoneTV that can be remote-controlled with any Apple device in the room, or:

  • a regular HDTV with its own clumsy remote control, plus
  • a set top box with its own clumsy remote control, plus
  • an old AppleTV/Roku/Tivo with its own clumsy remote control, plus
  • a Wii/Playstation/Xbox (ok, they have a case for having different remove controls)
  • all of which litter your living room with boxes, remotes, and wires?

The global TV market is about 200 million units a year. How much of this can Apple get? This may well be another $10billion+ market opportunity for them.

(I don’t know what Apple may or may not be building. I know that the above would be ridiculously easy to build for them because the iPhone basically is it already. And I know that that is what I would want to buy …)