ProductsIWant: a networked indoor pollen and dust meter

It’s allergy-season. This weekend the pollen forecast is going from yellow to red. I keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. I also have an indoor air filter, which — never mind what the allergy doctors say — is more effective than any allergy pills.

Nevertheless stuff comes in. I’d like to figure out where stuff comes in. I’d like to know whether it’s pollen or dust or something else. I’d like to move my air filter to the best place in my house for my well-being. So I need to measure everything, and record measurements.

So I’d like to have a little box that I can move around the house. Preferably with WiFi. It would be scriptable and readable: with an API, so I can ask it to “measure now”, and determine what the current pollen and dust values are. Ideally it would come with some code to schedule reads and record measurements, but that’s not that important.

When: next spring

How much: <$500

Where do I get it?