Thank you, IndieWeb guys

One thing I do value is the respect of my peers.

Thank you, Indie Web guys. It rarely happens that techies agree with anybody on anything. (I know, I am one.) It is even more rare that they listen to you. This evening, I actually got spontaneous applause after some impromptu remarks, which indeed did floor me although I didn’t show it (I think). Thanks, guys, I appreciate it.

Obviously, they wouldn’t do that if they didn’t believe in the same thing: it’s time we stood up and bent the universe and declared non-allegiance to the internet overlords and the system they represent, and instead work on (re-)making the world in the way that we believe it needs to be so we want to live in it ourselves, and pass it on to our children and their children.

P.S. No gals tonight, unfortunately. We need you! Where are you?