My new 4K monitor on my Mac: it’s unreal

My first “monitor” was a TV that displayed 320×200 in four (!) colors. 640×400 in black-and-white was beyond its ability.

This weekend, Fry’s had an excellent deal: UpStar 28-in monitor with native 3840 x 2160 resolution, for $219 after rebates.

So my wife went out and got two :-) I’ve been gaping at it ever since. It’s unreal.

First of all, at 28″, it takes up almost my entire field of vision. And boy does it have many pixels!

If I take a 80×24 terminal window as the measuring stick, I can put 7 entire terminals from the left to right (perhaps 8 if I squeezed). And 5 down. 35 terminals on the same screen!

Coding, and editing, etc. is never going to be the same, because I can see ALL OF IT at the same time, no overlapping windows, with values of ALL OF IT that are larger than my short-term memory about what ALL OF IT was.

The only downside is that I do need to wear glasses to take advantage of it :-) But that’s okay.

Recommendation: think about it!