Author: Johannes Ernst

  • Notes from SeaGL 2019

    I’m at the Seattle GNU/Linux conference SeaGL again this year, mostly to present on Project Springtime tomorrow. (I proposed 4 talks, and that’s the one they accepted. Well, I take what I can get!) But there are interesting talks, and here are some notes. Mozilla has a Open Leadership Framework. Interesting, and worthwhile. There’s also […]

  • An inkling of the (hot) future — Silicon Valley’s power may be switched off tomorrow

    Add the normal: no rain in California in the summer; and the new-with-global-warming normal: drier grasslands and forests due to hotter temperatures; stronger, extremely dry winds; and you get extreme danger of wildfires of the type that leveled Paradise, CA, last year: 70,000 acres in 24 hours, if memory serves, and dozens of dead. So […]

  • Backyard hydroponics update

    My backyard hydroponics system is producing, better than expected! I’m very happy about that. Here are some pictures: So far we’ve harvested and eaten: lots of lettuce, including some delicious kinds you won’t get in the grocery store Monte Carlo Salanova Rouxai a few radishes some dill, for tzatziki some basil, for pasta sauces some […]

  • Will Silicon Valley miss the privacy avalanche?

    How central Silicon Valley is for new technology jumps out at you the most when you bump into tech entrepreneurs freshly arrived here from other parts of the globe. So excited they are, that they finally left behind the tech-know-nothings in their home towns and will now raise money and change the world, like all […]

  • DraftingJS: CAD diagrams in the browser