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  • Overlord vs Indie #IoT — my notes for the internet of things panel at C2SV today

    These are the notes I took for myself in preparation of the panel. Of course, the panel discussion went in a different direction, but why not post my notes anyway? I’m told there will be a video of the actual event, and I’ll post that when I get the link. So, here are the notes: […]

  • Let’s create the Internet of Our Own Things #IndieIoT

    Bruce Sterling penned a marvelous, impassioned essay titled “The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things” a few months ago. ($3.99 at Amazon). He pulls no punches, right from the beginning: The first thing to understand about the “Internet of Things” is that it’s not about Things on the Internet. It’s a code term that […]

  • The Perfect Surveillance Architecture

    If you set out to design the perfect surveillance architecture, what would you come up with? Assume there are no “legacy” issues, and you get to design the entire system for the benefit of the entity that gets to do the surveillance (government, or private sector, doesn’t really matter which). It’s an interesting thought experiment, […]

  • Nest responds to my privacy questions

    I had asked Nest/Google support some privacy-related questions about their thermostat. Here is their response (minus the customer service “Your question is important to us” fluff which I deleted). Hotlinks and slightly strange grammar in the original. I’ll analyze it below: Here’s an excellent read on your Privacy Statement. This will tell you all of […]

  • House thermostat died. Suggestions for replacements that don’t spy on me?

    There are a lot of projects — like the well-publicized “Build an Open-source Nest in a Day” — that have built open-source thermostats. But those are “projects”. Are there any #IndieIoT thermostat products ready to go that I can buy? Or do I have to build my own? I’m looking for suggestions. P.S.: I’m using […]