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  • What’s wrong with the economy — a techie’s perspective on Bitvasion and Lazy Leechie

    Look at these graphs: Ever-decreasing labor participation Food stamps participants are going through the roof Shift from middle-income to low-income jobs In spite of zero interest rate for many years, and trillions of newly printed money Something’s rather wrong with the economy, and it’s not getting better. The political left says: “offer more government assistance, […]

  • Between here and 2020: economic headwinds or worse

    You and I and everybody we know, we all think we own a bit of money. It must be true, because we worked hard for it, we put it into the bank, and there it is. It says so on the bank statement. Some have a bit more money, some less, but there’s something. If […]

  • Two Mega-Trends

    Salim Ismael, founding Executive Director and Global Ambassador of Singularity University, recently identified one of the mega-trends of our times as follows (I’m paraphrasing): There are those changes that are exponential, like Moore’s Law, the advancements in sequencing genomes, or global knowledge. And there are those changes that remain linear (or are so slow they […]

  • 5 Why’s: A Different Take on the Current Economic Malaise

    I found myself asking Five Whys about the current economic difficulties in the Euro zone and the world in general. The 4th question is the really hard one and one that I had not seen answered well anywhere. I suggest that even if you disagree with my answer, do not believe any commentator on the […]