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How to diagnose Time Machine / Time Capsule issues

My Time Machine backup suddenly stopped working. Apple support has been helping (and Chris has been nice!). Here's the command by which Apple collects all info they want to debug this, and what it echoes to the terminal (slightly abbreviated). I figure I post this for the geeks among us; perhaps it helps somebody in…

Self-hosting my slides

I should have done that a long time ago, but finally here we are: Slides and links to recordings are now at This includes my most recent talk about "How I automate my pool with a Raspberry Pi and some open-source software" from the Seattle GNU/Linux user conference (SeaGL) this past weekend.  

The sneakers scam

Here's what happened: American Express notifies my, by e-mail (I really like this service) that I was just charged $441 by Problem is, I did not order from Adidas; not this time, or ever. I call up AMEX and report the charge as fraudulent. They accept and send me a new card. I thought…

How to lose the midterm elections in two easy steps — 2018 Democrat Edition

Step 1: "Abolish ICE!"What does Joe Average hear? "They want to have nobody guarding the borders at all! Everybody, friend and foe and gangs and foreign armies, can just walk in. Not only are those Democrats insane, that's criminally endangering the country and all of us!"Step 2: "We need socialism!"What does Average Jane hear? "They…