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  • The Best and the Worst of Times: Whence Internet Identity?

    The 10th Internet Identity Workshop this week had record attendance. Since that first one, five years ago, amazing adoption has happened: pretty much all major technology companies have implemented, more than a billion identities in the market, tens of thousands of sites accept them, more people show up to IIW — it must be the […]

  • OpenID et al Security Economics

    Steven J. Murdoch and Ross Anderson, in the very worthwhile “Verifi ed by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode: or, How Not to Design Authentication” assert: While other single sign-on schemes such as OpenID, InfoCard and Liberty came up with decent technology they got the economics wrong… To which I can only respond: “you wish. We don’t have […]

  • Why We Really Don’t Need an “Identity Selector”

    As of this week’s Internet Identity Workshop, I’m now rather convinced that an “identity selector” is the wrong product and the wrong feature set, regardless of the exact details of a particular vendor’s implementation. Several discussions in several contexts, including how to best make a browser identity-aware, all point to the same conclusion, regardless if […]