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  • VMWare, Identity and User-Centricity in the Enterprise

    Lots of good commentary on VMWare’s new Horizon App Manager today, which is what their Tricipher acquisition seems to have turned into. The phrase that struck me the most — thus this post — was Krishnan‘s description at CloudAve: a user-centric management service for accessing cloud applications from any device. It clearly is user-centric: it […]

  • The Death Of User-Centric Identity — for now

    Around 2005/2006, there were about four major lines of thought on user-centric identity with a few variations. We can quibble about the exact numbers and times, but in broad strokes — which is what this post is all about — that seems about right. The Kim Cameron / Microsoft / CardSpace / Identity meta-system line […]

  • From 1 to a billion in 5 years. What a little URL can do.

    It was at the end of 2004 when I decided to start telling the world about this silly little idea I had had about a year before: give every person on the internet a URL that they could use to identify themselves to any website. Fully decentralized, no permission needed from anybody, under control of […]

  • Kynetx, Azigo Show What is Possible With a Personal Data Store

    The magic would never have been possible if their vision had stopped at an “Identity Selector”, for years billed as the savior of the identity universe (see my recent post Why We Really Don’t Need an “Identity Selector”). This week at Kynetx’ conference, Paul and Phil had their coming-out party re-interpreting the “identity selector” as […]

  • Is OpenID Still User-Centric?

    I’m beginning to have second thoughts. Plenty of people (myself included) got involved in internet identity because of its promise to put all of us as  individuals at the center of our interactions on-line. To empower individuals to define and offer and enforce their own terms in their interactions with others. To not merely be […]