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  • OpenID Built In Google Chrome OS?

    ReadWriteWeb speculates that “Google Chrome OS [will] Feature Single Sign-On for Chrome Browser”. They cite some evidence in the source code. Some excerpts of the post: In the code, a line references something being called the “Chrome OS login manager.” Essentially, this login manager will function as a single sign-on (SSO) cookie which will simultaneously […]

  • If the Open Stack Is Mere Plumbing: The Plumbing Of What?

    People don’t buy plumbing, they buy a nice house that happens to include plumbing (otherwise it wouldn’t be a nice house). So if OpenID and all the other members of the “Open Stack” are mere plumbing, as I have come to believe, they are the plumbing of what? What is the equivalent of the house […]

  • The Open Stack or Mere Plumbing?

    So what exactly are we all building here? OpenID? OpenID plus OAuth plus Yadis/XRD(S) plus Portable Contacts plus OpenSocial plus activity streams? That’s a handful, so some have been calling it the “Open Stack“. Is that what we are building? But what about RSS (and syndication in general), iCal feeds, widgets, mash-ups and so forth? […]