Recent talks by Johannes Ernst

Materials of recent presentations. Feel free to reuse, as long as it is with attribution and link back to

MyData Online 2020. December 10-12, 2020
Can I Trust This App? Lessons learned from assaying COVID-19 apps
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference (SeaGL), Seattle, WA, November 16, 2019
Project Springtime: a DIY backyard hydroponics system developed open-source-style.
Linuxfest NorthWest, Bellingham, WA, April 27/28, 2019
Scripts and Things Meetup, Palo Alto, CA, March 13, 2019
How I Automate My Pool Pumps, and: Can We Do Better? The second part of the talk was on the white board.
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference (SeaGL), Seattle, WA, November 10, 2018
How I automate my pool pumps with a Raspberry Pi and some open-source software
Nextcloud conference, Berlin, Germany, August 25, 2018
Indie Computing Special Announcement of UBOSbox Nextcloud
Linuxfest Northwest, Bellingham, WA, April 29, 2018
Let's Self-Host Installathon
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