Let’s Implement the Open Pile! It’ll Be Great!

You are not on the bandwagon yet? You are so behind the times! Haven’t you heard that the web is now social, and user-centric, your customers are in charge, they create and remix and share and rate and activity stream and manage you, the vendor, and you still haven’t implemented the Open Pile!

Ehm, I mean the Open Stack, sorry about that, a slip of the tongue here. The community has been working together hand in hand to define these exciting new standards, singing kumbaya all the time, how can you not have implemented them and look your manager into the eye?

So let’s get started right away. You need to implement OpenID for login, with NASCAR buttons so it’s easy for your users, not too many, not too few, and yes, a text field for those other identity providers, with of course a non-Javascript fallback, and information card detection in case somebody runs Vista or is an AAA member, and OAuth, well, there are several incompatible versions just like with OpenID and of course you have to support 2, 3, and I don’t quite remember how many more legs, which should of course do the hybrid with OpenID, rooted in cutting-edge discovery in all the needed ways: just three ways from Yadis, two from OpenID, some new well-known locations with LRDD and sometimes you have to check with Google directly, of course you have to be prepared to accept URLs, e-mail addresses, PPIDs and unreadable URLs as identifiers, claimed and proven, I’m sure your website folks figure out how to map them to their databases in no more than a few weeks, then you automagically (imagine!) get your user’s first and last name and e-mail address via SREG or AX (but there might be incompatible schemas) or Portable Contacts or Microformats, yeah, no provider supports all of those and many don’t support any but that’s just an implementation detail, and boy all the great info you will get via xAuth any time soon now and then you can publish activity streams and you even will make the Salmon run upstream! It’ll be SO GREAT!!

If I knew how to draw cartoons, I’d have a field day here.

No wonder Facebook is winning with a proprietary stack.

As we go into IIW next week, guys, it’s time to get real. It’s either we cut 80%+ off this pile, and make the remainder actually work, or give up. I just hope there won’t be proposals for more protocols next week. What about we all propose which 90% of our favorite pet projects we are willing to kill? The alternative, I’m afraid, is the way UNIX has been going in the face of first NT, and then Linux. “Open” means nothing if it’s just a pile.

P.S. Thanks to Kaliya for encouraging me to get this off my chest and annoy some people if it has to be that way.

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