ProductsIWant: A VRM Experiment

One of Vendor Relationship Management‘s most appealing ideas is what Doc Searls calls “intent casting“: the (public) announcement by a customer to want to purchase something, so vendors can start competing for the business.

Could this idea also be applied to products that don’t exist yet? Let’s start an experiment:

Going forward, when I come up with a “I really need something that does X”, I’m going to blog it right here on my blog. I’m going to tag it with “ProductsIWant”. And some meta-data such as how much I’d be prepared to pay for it, and when I need it.

I’m not sure what I expect to happen. Probably nothing. But it’s worth writing these things down, trying out stuff, and see what happens. Thoughts?


Here’s the first one: a networked indoor pollen and dust meter.

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