Happy to be on high-powered law school panel on internet privacy

When deciding to become an engineer, I’d never have thought just how broadly one can get involved in things beside making cool new stuff: I’ll be one of the panelists in a high-powered debate organized by Concord Law School at Quadrus in Palo Alto, on Saturday, June 8th.

The debate is on “Balance of Public & Private in a World of Big Data & Emerging Internet Superpowers”, which is spot-on as a timely and very important issue. It will be moderated by Prof. Arthur Miller, an eminent law school professor who has argued several cases in front of the US Supreme Court. The other participants:

  • Joseph H. Alhadeff: Chief Privacy Strategist & Vice President, Global Public Policy, Oracle
  • Ian Ballon: Greenberg Traurig, Executive Director Stanford University Law School’s Center for E-Commerce
  • Thomas Feledy: Lieutenant, San Francisco Police Department
  • Françoise Gilbert: Founder and Managing Director of the IT Law Group
  • Ann Geyer: Managing Director of Tunitas Groups
  • Matthew Miller: Managing Director, Walden Venture Capital
  • Michael Poplack: Global Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Oracle

They did one of these panels before on the east coast, which was highly entertaining but also with a lot of substance. So this is going to be fun! Happy to be participate.