Doc on Freedom vs. Tracking

As usual, he nails it:

I am a customer. I am not data. I do not wish to yield personal data, even if anonymized, to anybody other than those with whom I have a fully consenting, non-coercive and respectful relationship.

I do not wish to receive offers as a matter of course, even if machines following me guess those offers might might be relevant — especially since what I am doing most of the time is not shopping.

I also don’t wish to have a “better experience” with advertising inundation, especially if the “experience” is “delivered” to me rather than something I have for myself.

That all should be glaringly obvious. So why do 99% of business plans believe in all that advertising nonsense?

What happened to “a business exists to deliver value to the customer”? Why does everybody think “a business exists to pretend to give free things to users while getting rich selling their user’s personal belongings to unrelated parties”?