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The patient-centric healthcare experience I want

Having been ordered to rest, this is the perfect time to grab the laptop and lay out the experience I would have liked in my most recent encounter with the healthcare system; this time, and every time. I see no earthly reason why we can’t have this … entrepreneurs, please build it! I’ll be your…

Doc on Freedom vs. Tracking

As usual, he nails it: I am a customer. I am not data. I do not wish to yield personal data, even if anonymized, to anybody other than those with whom I have a fully consenting, non-coercive and respectful relationship. I do not wish to receive offers as a matter of course, even if machines…

Very Nice VRM Article

CRM Magazine has a very nice article about Vendor Relationship Management. Titled, “It’s Not Your Relationship To Manage”, it has plenty of quotes from Doc Searls and the VRM community. Not a hint of critizism that I can spot in a CRM magazine? VRM has come a long way. Congrats Doc!

Kynetx, Azigo Show What is Possible With a Personal Data Store

The magic would never have been possible if their vision had stopped at an “Identity Selector”, for years billed as the savior of the identity universe (see my recent post Why We Really Don’t Need an “Identity Selector”). This week at Kynetx’ conference, Paul and Phil had their coming-out party re-interpreting the “identity selector” as…