Power Consumption of Various Little Computers

Today’s fun facts:

Device Approx. power consumption
Raspberry PI 2-3W
BeagleBone Black 1-2W
Wandboard Quad 2-4W
Wansview Webcam 2-5W
Netgear 5-port gigabit switch 4-5W
Indie Box Prototype based on Atom with two drives 22W
i3-based Home Server with four drives 70-80W

Don’t take those measurements too literally. I did not systematically try to distinguish between idle and with load, I did not see whether writing to flash would increase the numbers, the power adapters they are using are all different and may make a big difference, and obviously some of the devices have no attached peripherals while my home server has four hard drives in it. Just wanted to get some kind of feeling what ballpark the numbers are in.