The pool timer now runs on a RPi 3

IMG_3319My backyard pool timer has now been running continuously for over four years. Based an original Raspberry Pi 1 model B, which — truth be told — always was a horrible piece of hardware engineering. (SD Card sticking out? Not enough power to drive WiFi over USB? Really?)

So as of today, it has been upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 3 model B. Not because I need the additional features, but because hopefully, the RPi3 is more stable in the summer, when it is hot. Then, the original one often fell off the WiFi or had to be rebooted. For extra fun in this project, the Raspberry Pi guys moved the mounting holes between revisions and some pins were flipped.

The panel also sports two new buttons. You can push them, but they don’t do anything yet, as the software reading them is still missing. The idea is to be able to turn the pumps off or on directly from here, too, because in practice, when you want to do that (like when cleaning the pool, or having fun in it in the summer), you often have wet or dirty hands and don’t want to use your expensive iPhone to do so.

Of course, it still runs rasptimer on UBOS.

How many other people have been running a Raspberry Pi in “production” for something reasonably important 24×7 for more than 4 years?