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  • How might my temperature-driven attic fan look in a Web-of-Things world?

    Context When I remodeled my home office, I moved the servers into a closet to get them out of the way. That closet can get quite warm, particularly in the summer. To get the heat out and the servers running, I cut a hole into the ceiling of the closet, and added bathroom ceiling fan […]

  • A 3D-Printable Box for the ESPRESSObin plus a Hard Disk (now with disk pictures)

    Updated 2017-12-21: Now with added pictures about placing a disk into the box as well. The ESPRESSObin is a quite nice ARM board that comes with a SATA port. So it should be ideal for using it as a little home server. Except, because it is a development board, they don’t provide an enclosure that […]

  • Implementing a device white list with dnsmasq

    I got teenagers. They have devices. Their friends have devices. All of which want to be on my WiFi. Unfortunately, the WiFi has some valuable work-related machines, too. And because of WPA shared passwords, there’s little one can do as a parent to prevent the sharing of WiFi passwords “just with my best friend” (of […]

  • My EspressoBIN board is up

    Marvell and Globalscale Technologies developed a new single-board computer called the EspressoBIN (website). Unlike any other cheap SBC I am aware of, it has: 3 ethernet ports a SATA port In other words, it’s perfect to act as a home router with an attached hard drive that runs apps. Now, where have we heard that […]

  • The pool timer now runs on a RPi 3

    My backyard pool timer has now been running continuously for over four years. Based an original Raspberry Pi 1 model B, which — truth be told — always was a horrible piece of hardware engineering. (SD Card sticking out? Not enough power to drive WiFi over USB? Really?) So as of today, it has been […]