Almost half of US households can barely make it

This is incredibly awful and shameful.

According to the United Way ALICE project, a research project run by a group of charities, almost half of US households are barely getting by.

ALICE stands for:

  • Asset Limited
  • Income Constrained,
  • but Employed.

and it means: a “household who cannot always pay the bills, has little or nothing in savings, and is forced to make tough choices such as deciding between quality child care or paying the rent. One unexpected car repair or medical bill can push these financially strapped families over the edge.” And it also means: it makes it impossible for them to invest in their education, or the education of their children, without going into debt, keeping them perpetually trapped.

In Calfornia, that’s 48% of all households are at this threshold or event worse off! Best state is North Dakota with 32% (which is still shameful!) and of course, there are huge variations within states. South Dakota, with a “good” state average, still has a county where over 80% are below the threshold (Oglala Dakota).

Personally, I think this number should be 10% or less for the entire country. Ask your favorite politician what they think the number should be?

I will refrain from giving the obvious political commentary here.

Detailed data is here.


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