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I Want … iPhoneTV

Take the iPhone, but replace the screen with a 40 inch HDTV screen and put it in your living room. What do you get? a TV a high-quality speakerphone bypassing the telcos a live window to grandma ("HDTV videoconferencing in your living room") a stereo a movie rental kiosk a game console Now, next time…

The Fundamental Remaking of Several Industries

@parislemon neatly summarized today's news about H-P getting out of the PC business: HP To Apple: You Win. I hope he meant more than tablets, because the victory of the Apple model is much broader. Just a few days ago, Google caused a major earthquake with the announcement that it would acquire Motorola, one of…

The Future Data Center is Virtual

I was surprised by this chart from VMWare. No doubt that by 2020, it's no contest: the virtual server world will dwarf the physical server world.

3D on PCs: Analyst Report

CNET reports: In a report on the Stereo 3D PC market, Jon Peddie Research argues that 1 million 3D PCs will ship in 2010 and surge to 75 million units by 2014. Simply put, 3D will become a standard feature in your PC in four years.