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  • What could local network services for the Indie IoT look like?

    Peter Hoddie calls for (local area) networking services to enable the Indie IoT — an excellent direction of inquiry. Let’s explore what implications this has. [As for context, I have been using the term “Indie IoT” to describe a so-far aspirational Internet of Things that is controlled by the owners of IoT devices, not by […]

  • Why decentralized social networking never makes it — ever heard of Crossing the Chasm?

    Every now and then, the “why hasn’t decentralized social networking succeeded” discussion pops back up. And inevitably, that motivates somebody who thinks they can do better. They proceed to design a new set of decentralized networking protocols, write lots of code, and get early adopters to enthusiastically adopt the New Thing. Which then, inevitably, never […]

  • Automated Testing for the Indie Web?

    (This post is mostly for Indie Web geeks. Feel free to ignore) The problem We spend too much time debugging why things didn’t work as expected Not so much Gen 1 people running their own, custom-developed software, but later-gen people who try to, say, make WordPress work with a previously unseen combination of plugins and […]

  • Overlord vs Indie #IoT — my notes for the internet of things panel at C2SV today

    These are the notes I took for myself in preparation of the panel. Of course, the panel discussion went in a different direction, but why not post my notes anyway? I’m told there will be a video of the actual event, and I’ll post that when I get the link. So, here are the notes: […]

  • The patient-centric healthcare experience I want

    Having been ordered to rest, this is the perfect time to grab the laptop and lay out the experience I would have liked in my most recent encounter with the healthcare system; this time, and every time. I see no earthly reason why we can’t have this … entrepreneurs, please build it! I’ll be your […]