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MyData in Silicon Valley – notes on our first full-moon meetup

What does a typical meetup in Silicon Valley look like? Some meeting room of some tech companyPizza, beer and sodaLots of dudes either pitching their latest wild startup, quietly waiting for the speaker to start, or looking for a jobSome speaker pitching their new thing and while it will be the greatest thing everon the…

First MyData Silicon Valley event on Tuesday

We have been organizing a new regional hub in Silicon Valley for the MyData Global movement, and this coming Tuesday, July 16th, we will have our first public event in San Francisco. It’s open to the public and you are invited. Our goal is to create an ongoing in-person conversation about Ethics, Privacy and Personal…

Going to Mars next or civilizational collapse instead?

Has the future for humanity ever been as uncertain as it is now? The views in my social network reflects this: my more Silicon-Valley-oriented tech friends marvel at the potential of artificial intelligence, biotech, automation, and so forth; they expect tech to eliminate human drudgery before long, eliminate diseases and create plenty for all. They…

Going to IndieWeb Summit

I’ve been making reservations, it must mean I’ll be going to Portland next weekend for the 2019 IndieWeb Summit. Yeah! There are still a few spots left. Like an extraordinarily nice and extraordinarily competent crowd of somewhat geeky fans of the web? Join us! Johannes Ernst: RSVP yes to 2019 IndieWeb Summit