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Going to IndieWeb Summit

I’ve been making reservations, it must mean I’ll be going to Portland next weekend for the 2019 IndieWeb Summit. Yeah! There are still a few spots left. Like an extraordinarily nice and extraordinarily competent crowd of somewhat geeky fans of the web? Join us! Johannes Ernst: RSVP yes to 2019 IndieWeb Summit

Stages of personal decision making

It’s a bit like the Kübler-Ross “Stages of Grief”. It appears I always go through a sequence like this: Dissonance. Something is unpleasant, unsatisfactory, and somehow feels wrong. It usually appears as a background feeling, without conscious reflection. But if it keeps happening, the conscious mind sooner or later notices, and we become aware of…

A cool research project for somebody aspiring with a 3D printer

Back in the days when I went to (the German equivalent of) high school, we had to write the famous “Facharbeit”: a thesis in the field of your specialization for which you had a whole year. I wrote about infrared remote controls and built a bunch of electronics — which was great fun, except that…