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  • A 3D-Printable Box for the ESPRESSObin plus a Hard Disk (now with disk pictures)

    Updated 2017-12-21: Now with added pictures about placing a disk into the box as well. The ESPRESSObin is a quite nice ARM board that comes with a SATA port. So it should be ideal for using it as a little home server. Except, because it is a development board, they don’t provide an enclosure that […]

  • Reverse-engineering the ESPRESSObin’s GPIO pins

    The ESPRESSObin is a nice single-board computer with, unusually, 3 Ethernet ports and a SATA port. We have some plans for it (which I’ll talk about later) and which necessitated interacting with its GPIO pins. But unfortunately, Globalscale’s documentation seems at odds with what the board actually does. So here are the results of some […]

  • My EspressoBIN board is up

    Marvell and Globalscale Technologies developed a new single-board computer called the EspressoBIN (website). Unlike any other cheap SBC I am aware of, it has: 3 ethernet ports a SATA port In other words, it’s perfect to act as a home router with an attached hard drive that runs apps. Now, where have we heard that […]