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  • Tech Titans’ Next Targets: Telcos and Cars

    Apple has over $200 billion in revenue, growing 25% a year. Where are the next $50 or $100 billion going to come from? Mobile phones: no, that market is close to saturation. Desktops and laptops? Stagnant. Watch? Certainly not. All of them have room to grow, but not by 10’s of billions of dollars every […]

  • Nest responds to my privacy questions

    I had asked Nest/Google support some privacy-related questions about their thermostat. Here is their response (minus the customer service “Your question is important to us” fluff which I deleted). Hotlinks and slightly strange grammar in the original. I’ll analyze it below: Here’s an excellent read on your Privacy Statement. This will tell you all of […]

  • My Question to Nest / Google

    Just sent this: I’m considering replacing my thermostat. I’m intrigued by your product, but I am worried about my privacy. Can you point me to a document that describes, in detail, 1. which exact information the thermostat “sends home” to Google or anybody else outside of my home, and under which circumstances, 2. how to […]

  • The Google “Physical Web” Proposal and LID

    About ten years ago, I came up with that silly (?) idea that people could be identified with URLs. That those URLs could have particular functionality around them by which anybody — with the right permissions — could interact with them. And that, when people walked around with their mobile devices, those devices could broadcast […]

  • Google, Mail and PGP — but what about the keys?

    Techcrunch reports that Google will release a plugin for the Chrome browser that makes PGP-based encryption much easier for webmail users, such as Gmail users. That’s cool! Mozilla, I hope you are right behind! But the article leaves out the most important question: who will have access to the keys? Chances are that Google will […]