My Question to Nest / Google

Just sent this:

I’m considering replacing my thermostat. I’m intrigued by your product, but I am worried about my privacy. Can you point me to a document that describes, in detail, 1. which exact information the thermostat “sends home” to Google or anybody else outside of my home, and under which circumstances, 2. how to disable such sharing, and 3. what mechanisms you have in place to make sure the above doesn’t change without me understanding the change before you update software on the device, which I’m sure you do from time to time.

Thank you.

I’m not expecting a meaningful reply, but then, I hope I’m wrong.


2 responses to “My Question to Nest / Google”

  1. I asked them similar questions when the NEST first came out. Answer was that they were considering the ability to decouple it. I think that the designers of Internet of Everything devices should always give the ability to change all addresses that are configured to point the device to anywhere.. Ok if Factory reset puts it into a standard config using their cloud systems but the owner of the device should be able to point it to his own systems. I’m isolating my home IoE devices on a separate network w/o any connection to the outside. “Phone home” won’t work in that case!!!