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  • “By visiting this digital property, you consent to any indignity that increases my utility.”

    Without comment — except that I want that popup, too :-)

  • Data Moves Differently Now

    It used to be that anybody could just grab anybody’s personal data, and used it for whatever purpose they wished. Millions and millions at a time. And could get away with it. That’s why there is a multi-hundred billion dollar data broker industry. Why Google is worth almost a trillion dollars as of today. Why […]

  • Will Silicon Valley miss the privacy avalanche?

    How central Silicon Valley is for new technology jumps out at you the most when you bump into tech entrepreneurs freshly arrived here from other parts of the globe. So excited they are, that they finally left behind the tech-know-nothings in their home towns and will now raise money and change the world, like all […]

  • The upside of sharing personal data

    We had a rather interesting lunch yesterday at the MyData Silicon Valley Hub, on the occasion of a visit by Julian Ranger, board member of MyData Global and founder of personal data startup Julian offered a striking proposition that I had not heard before. It is very much worth writing about, starting with some […]

  • First MyData Silicon Valley event on Tuesday

    We have been organizing a new regional hub in Silicon Valley for the MyData Global movement, and this coming Tuesday, July 16th, we will have our first public event in San Francisco. It’s open to the public and you are invited. Our goal is to create an ongoing in-person conversation about Ethics, Privacy and Personal […]