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  • So Kaiser Permanente has Google/Doubleclick ad trackers on their site displaying my patient information

    You think you’ve seen everything, but this one is pretty bad… Kaiser is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the US (insurancer and provider). I am a Kaiser member, so I use their website to communicate with my phyisician as they recommend. Today, I log into their website, and read a message from my […]

  • We need to solve Credential Recovery once and for all

    [Update: I now have a proposal for how to solve this: Paradux] First we picked a good password, which we reused for many sites all over the web. Some of those sites were broken into, so the bad guys got their hands on our passwords and promptly impersonated us all over the web. Reusing passwords […]

  • So 23andme is selling my and my minor kid’s genetic data and won’t stop

    Due to recent press coverage, I sent the following to 23andme’s help desk: Recent press reports suggest that you are selling my genetic data, and the genetic data of my minor son, to drug companies. Is this true? If so, I ask you 1) to stop immediately 2) give me a full list of all […]

  • Closing my Spotify account

    You actually need to fill out a form which is really hard to find (here it is if you need it). Here’s what I said: 1. Please close my account immediately. 2. Please immediately delete all information that you have about me or my activities on Spotify or otherwise. 3. Please immediately advise all third […]

  • Response from Spotify

    I sent a note to the Spotify e-mail address that they published for questions re their new privacy policy. This is what I got back: Hello Johannes, Thanks for getting in touch. If you have not already read our blog posts: Please see here for an overview of some of the updates in the Terms […]