Category: Privacy

  • My Question to Nest / Google

    Just sent this: I’m considering replacing my thermostat. I’m intrigued by your product, but I am worried about my privacy. Can you point me to a document that describes, in detail, 1. which exact information the thermostat “sends home” to Google or anybody else outside of my home, and under which circumstances, 2. how to […]

  • Github blocked in India — why even business needs a decentralized internet

    Today’s news: Internet users in India are starting to lose to access websites including GitHub, Internet Archive, Pastebin, and Vimeo under an order from India’s DoT (Department of Telecom). … “The websites that have been blocked were based on an advisory by Anti Terrorism Squad, and were carrying Anti India content from ISIS.” So, somebody […]

  • Sen. Wyden: Your data’s yours no matter on whose server it lives

    This is significant, and very welcome. US Sen. Wyden is quoted by the Washington Post as follows: “Some will still argue that by sharing data freely with Facebook, Google, Mint, Uber, Twitter, Fitbit or Instagram, Americans are choosing to make that data public. But that is simply not the case,” And he continues with one […]

  • Facebook: With 100% of potential customers, is total user sell-out next?

    From Facebook’s most recent earnings statement: Monthly active users (MAUs) were 1.23 billion as of December 31, 2013, an increase of 16% year over year. There are only 7.1 billion people on the planet. Some are babies, some are in jail, some illiterate, and some are Amish, and the like. Facebook’s customer reach is close to […]