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  • Nest responds to my privacy questions

    I had asked Nest/Google support some privacy-related questions about their thermostat. Here is their response (minus the customer service “Your question is important to us” fluff which I deleted). Hotlinks and slightly strange grammar in the original. I’ll analyze it below: Here’s an excellent read on your Privacy Statement. This will tell you all of […]

  • My Question to Nest / Google

    Just sent this: I’m considering replacing my thermostat. I’m intrigued by your product, but I am worried about my privacy. Can you point me to a document that describes, in detail, 1. which exact information the thermostat “sends home” to Google or anybody else outside of my home, and under which circumstances, 2. how to […]

  • The consumer #IoT is mostly gimmicks today

    I’m a believer that good things can be made to happen with the Internet of Things, but we are still very, very far away from that, in spite of all the hype. Exhibit A: visiting the hardware store to buy a new thermostat for my house. (Mine gave up this week after maybe 25-30 years […]

  • House thermostat died. Suggestions for replacements that don’t spy on me?

    There are a lot of projects — like the well-publicized “Build an Open-source Nest in a Day” — that have built open-source thermostats. But those are “projects”. Are there any #IndieIoT thermostat products ready to go that I can buy? Or do I have to build my own? I’m looking for suggestions. P.S.: I’m using […]

  • Why did Google/Nest buy Revolv?

    The Verge has the scoop: Nest has just acquired Boulder, CO-based Revolv, one of the most flexible smart home platforms on the market. It’s a big move in the growing smart home market, which has two main battles: the individual devices and the platform they run on to make our homes smarter. Nest, with its […]