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  • Notes from IndieWebCamp San Francisco 2019

    This is my second IndieWebCamp SF, and Nth IndieWebCamp in total (where N probably > 4 ). Tantek is hosting at Mozilla San Francisco. I’m counting about a dozen people so far. I’ll keep adding during the day(s). Just hosted an excellent session, if I may say so, asking: what are the core technology choices […]

  • Raspberry PI Pool controller upgrade

    My Raspberry PI-based pool controller has been running our pool pumps faithfully for the past 18 months. Every morning, it switches the two pumps on (first one, then the other), and runs them for a few hours (switching them off in reverse sequence). It is really nice to sit out on the deck, go to […]

  • Marcus Povey and PGP-based login

    Marcus Povey is proposing to use PGP/GPG to log into personal websites such as Known. Where have I heard this before? ;-) Oh, yes, LID, circa 2005, before OpenID etc. Here is how a digitally signed LID requests looks like, broken into separate lines for better readability: http://example.com ?lid=http%3A%2F%2Fmylid.net%2Fjernst &lid-credtype=gpg%20–clearsign &lid-nonce=2014-05-30T16%3A54%3A57.016Z &lid-credential=SHA1%0AVersion%3A+GnuPG+v1.4.11+%28GNU%2FLinux%29%0A%0AiEYEARECAAYFAlOIt%2BEACgkQsIOiz0BhWYZ9MACcCelf5T6XyywOZ5jVq3eyMw9m%0A8C4AoJ6Vz47PKR2%2FEvNqDkv7OWFyHdSU%0A%3DpVzh%0A where: lid: The […]

  • Indie Industries?

    It’s “writing hour” before the Homebrew Website Club aka Indie Web Camp Light at Mozilla in San Francisco. I’ve been wondering a lot about “Indie” stuff lately. Obviously, there’s my Indie Box Project, and Indie Web Camp, but also Indie Phone and others. “Indie” seems to be everywhere all of a sudden. Has the time […]

  • IndieWebCamp San Francisco this Friday and Saturday

    Last June, I went to IndieWebCamp Portland, and had a blast: a few dozen alpha geeks were demonstrating their latest projects, most of which have to do with wrestling control of their own data from various on-line silos, and using that data in innovative ways on their own site. In other words, right down my […]