IndieWebCamp San Francisco this Friday and Saturday

Last June, I went to IndieWebCamp Portland, and had a blast: a few dozen alpha geeks were demonstrating their latest projects, most of which have to do with wrestling control of their own data from various on-line silos, and using that data in innovative ways on their own site. In other words, right down my alley.

Unlike any other conference or unconference that i know, the rules for IndieWebCamp basically say that you can’t talk about anything other than what you have built already, and works. Sometimes that is a tough constraint, but the upside is that it makes it a very unique conference where everything that is being discussed is real and works.

I’ll be there on Friday, hoping to show my own Indie Box.

P.S. I’m allowed to bring an “apprentice”. If you think you qualify and would like to come, contact me. (This is not a bad role. Dan Gillmor, about as senior a journalist as there ever are, is listed as an apprentice for this meeting!)

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