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  • IndieWebCamp San Francisco this Friday and Saturday

    Last June, I went to IndieWebCamp Portland, and had a blast: a few dozen alpha geeks were demonstrating their latest projects, most of which have to do with wrestling control of their own data from various on-line silos, and using that data in innovative ways on their own site. In other words, right down my […]

  • Home server step 5: deploy Shaarli via Indie Box

    I’ve wanted to migrate off delicious for a long time. Now that I’ve rebuilt my home server with Indie Box, I can. And it was reeeaaaaallllly easy: First I created a server DNS alias, by adding this to /etc/hosts:   jernst.aviatis.com (aviatis.com is my home domain. And dnsmasq is picking it up right from /etc/hosts […]

  • Home server step 4: make it an Indie Box!

    Here comes the fun part. Let’s make it an Indie Box! If you don’t know, the Indie Box Project makes it much, much easier to install and maintain web applications on all sorts of Linux devices, from the Raspberry PI to fairly capable servers like my home server. I’ve been really wanting to take some […]

  • Home server step 3: networking

    After setting up hardware and installing the base OS, we can now configure networking. (In the future, I hope Indie Box Project will make this a lot easier with indie-networking.) My server has two ethernet interfaces, which, surprisingly, aren’t called ethX any more, but enp3s0 and enp4s1. I guess I can live with that. The […]

  • Home server step 2: install Arch Linux

    Okay, the test passed and the drive works fine. Now I’m largely following the Arch Linux instructions. Let’s create a single root partition: > fdisk /dev/sda … and put an ext4 filesystem on it: > mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 Oops, what is this: an error message says “/dev/sda1 is apparently in use by the system” and mkfs […]