Home server step 5: deploy Shaarli via Indie Box

I’ve wanted to migrate off delicious for a long time. Now that I’ve rebuilt my home server with Indie Box, I can. And it was reeeaaaaallllly easy:

First I created a server DNS alias, by adding this to /etc/hosts:   jernst.aviatis.com

(aviatis.com is my home domain. And dnsmasq is picking it up right from /etc/hosts to provide the DNS name on my home network.)

Then, I created an Indie Box Site JSON file that describes which applications I’d like to run at that new hostname. Right now, it’s only shaarli, an open-source delicious clone:

  "siteid" : "s0100",
  "hostname" : "jernst.aviatis.com",

  "appconfigs" : [
      "appconfigid" : "a0101",
      "appid" : "indie-shaarli",
      "isdefault" : true,

      "customizationpoints" : {
        "indie-shaarli" : {
          "login" : {
            "value" : "jernst"
          "password" : {
            "value" : "xxx"

And, true to the promise of Indie Box, setting up the site only took a single command:

cat s01000.json | ssh root@jernst.aviatis.com indie-box-admin deploy

Done. Here is the screen shot to prove it. (Well, after I imported my delicious bookmarks.) I’m soooo looking forward to bringing more data home from assorted 3rd-party sites.
Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 16.59.24

This is the end of the series. Check out Indie Box Project!


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