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  • Attending Big Data Workshop April 23, Mountain View, CA

    The first time I heard of an “unconference” I was very sceptical. No program? No speakers? What kind of conference is that? Well, it’s the kind of conference in which you skip sitting in the audience falling asleep because the speakers drone on or the panelists are just trying to get you to buy their […]

  • NoSQL and the End of the SQL Cash Machine

    A techie debate is raging on the relative merits of relational vs. so-called NoSQL databases. I have a techie opinion and a stake in the debate, but in this post I’d like to make a business prediction that has nothing to do with the technical merits of one vs. the other at all. It’s only […]

  • NoSQL and the End of the SQL Cash Machine

    From my other blog: NoSQL databases are a perfect disruptive technology in Clayton Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma model … I’m predicting that the relational database is going to die. Read more.

  • A New Bumper Sticker?

    Mind you, the NoSQL community still has a lot of work to do, years and years of work, InfoGrid and many other NoSQL technologies non-withstanding. But I remember that when I first heard about what SQL is and what it does (particularly, what it can’t do), I thought: “this can’t be true. How many billions […]

  • Another Decade, Time for One More Blog

    What’s the next decade going to be like in technology? I found myself pondering this a lot recently. It seems we are in for very revolutionary changes … like the becoming irrelevance of the PC. Or the move to NoSQL. Or all web apps being connected to each other, with RSS/Atom and OpenID being the […]