Another Decade, Time for One More Blog

What’s the next decade going to be like in technology?

I found myself pondering this a lot recently. It seems we are in for very revolutionary changes … like the becoming irrelevance of the PC. Or the move to NoSQL. Or all web apps being connected to each other, with RSS/Atom and OpenID being the first steps. Vendors, products, architectures, market dynamics will all be a lot different than we are used to.

Clearly worth pondering, or writing about it. Which not many people do. So I just started a new blog at:

My focus will be the next decade, through 2020, thus the name, which of course is also a word play.

I am taking the risk that I might be terribly wrong with anything I might predict. It might be terribly embarrassing. But then, I hope to have a thought now and then that might spark some discussion, which is really all one can hope with on a blog.

So, enjoy! And disagree, otherwise, how should we all learn?

This blog will continue as before.

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