The Ever-Growing List of PaaS Companies and Paas Projects

I’m trying to keep track of platform-as-a-service companies, products and projects. Here’s my current list:

Company/Project Hosted? Open source? Technologies supported Status
ActiveState Stackato N ? Perl, Python extensions to CloudFoundry private beta
Amazon Beanstalk Y Java production
AppHarbor Y .Net production
Apprenda SaaSGrid .NET production
Cast Y multi alpha
CloudBees Y Java production
CloudControl Y PHP production
CloudFoundry Y Y multi announced
Cumulogic Y Java beta
Deployinator N Y multi ?
DotCloud Y multi beta
Echolibre Orchestra Y PHP production
Engine Yard Y Ruby on Rails production
Google AppEngine Y Java, Python production
Heirloom Computing Elpaas Y COBOL, CICS beta
IBM Workload Deployer Java production
Longjump PaaS Y N Java production
Mendix Y Java, Graphical production
Microsoft Windows Azure Y C#, Java, PHP, Ruby production
Mule iON Y Y Java private beta
Nodejitsu Y Node.js private beta
Nodester Y Y Node.js beta
OrangeScape Y graphical production
PhpFog Y PHP private beta
Red Hat Makara OpenShift Y multi production developer preview
RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack (announcement) ? ? PHP announced
Salesforce Heroku (Ruby) Y Ruby on Rails production
Salesforce Heroku (Node.js) Y Node.js private beta
Salesforce Y Apex code production
Wolf Frameworks Y N graphical production
Woogloo V3 Y N Java/Groovy production
WSO2 Stratos Y Y Java beta
Zoho Creator Y N graphical production

What did I get wrong and/or am I missing?

Update: I keep expanding this list as I learn about new offerings.

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