Personal Clouds mailing list

From the list overview:

Cloud computing today typically means that we have to hand over our data to big companies who decide which features they give us (and sometimes force on us), and who can and do unilaterally change their terms of service on us whenever they like.

What if instead, we could each have our own, personal cloud? Where we decide what data to put there and whom to share it with, where we decide which apps to run on it, and where we define the terms of service?

Personal Cloud is a fairly new idea. It has been compared to the wild idea back in the 1970’s that everybody could have a Personal Computer, instead of having to accept whatever the mainframe guys gave us. Obviously, Personal Computers turned out to be an idea that has appealed to hundreds of millions of people who today all own PCs. Could it be the same for Personal Clouds?

Personal Cloud right now is barely beyond the Homebrew Computer Club stage, but things are happening.

This mailing list is the place where the community hangs out that makes this idea real. Why don’t you join us?

It is hosted by the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, and open to all. Subscribe here.