First personal clouds meeting tonight!

Thanks, Adrian and Kaliya and Adam, and everybody who has been helping to organize tonight’s very first Personal Clouds community gathering in San Francisco.

There’s been so much interest that we have a waiting list!

It’s clear the time has come for cloud computing to become more personal. When I read a story like this one where this guy essentially lost his entire electronic universe, just because Facebook decided they were going to cancel his account (providing no reasons! no appeals process!), we simply have to come up with a better model. I think it’s Personal Clouds, and apparently many others think so, too.

We’ll have a number of 5-minute talks from various people building personal cloud-related things, and hope to continue this with future events and other interesting projects.

The personal cloud market is about in the same stage as the Personal Computer market was when Bill Gates wrote Basic, or Apple was incorporated, which is really early. But it’s a great time for show-and-tell, and let’s hope it grows just like the personal computer market did!

Hope to see you tonight. You can follow hash tag #pcloud and there’s always the wiki and mailing list at